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Tokyo, June 6, 2023 – ZooKeep and Doublefin, the leader in headcount management solutions based out of San Jose, California are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at modernizing how organizations plan and manage their talent. This collaboration will provide Japanese companies with unique access to a suite of innovative solutions built to supercharge their people operations.

The partnership between ZooKeep and Doublefin is a natural fit as effective headcount and people data management are tied directly to the day to day operations of internal talent teams. By combining Doublefin’s expertise in modern headcount planning and people operations workflows with ZooKeep’s deep talent acquisition platform, companies operating in Japan can finally expect improved efficiency and accuracy in managing their talent function while spending less time and money on redundant tasks.

The partnership announcement was met with enthusiasm by both teams.

“We are excited to introduce Doublefin’s solutions to our clients as we have witnessed firsthand the operational and financial impacts of poor headcount management on their operations,” said Casey Abel, CEO of ZooKeep. “By aligning internal stakeholders and creating a single source of truth, organizations can gain a clear picture of their progress against headcount plans and total spend vs. budget. Additionally, this solution enables unified data structures across multiple internal systems, reducing complexity and costs associated with data management.”

Warren Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Doublefin, shared his vision for the collaboration, stating, “We are pleased to bring Doublefin to Japan and Asia with ZooKeep. ZooKeep’s extensive experience working with leading companies along with their deep expertise in Talent Acquisition validated the idea that key challenges in managing an organization’s most valued asset, people, knows no boundaries. We look forward to bringing our collective experience and platforms to help great companies in Japan and Asia thrive and grow intelligently.”

ZooKeep will begin rolling out Doublefin’s Headcount Management solution in Japan throughout 2023, initially to its existing customers and partners, followed by offering the solutions more broadly later in the year. Upon solidifying Doublefin’s market position in Japan, both companies intend to further expand their partnership through bundled solutions and integrations of both platforms.

About Doublefin

Doublefin is a collaborative headcount management and planning platform specifically built for People teams, Finance, and executives. Reimagined from the ground up, Doublefin Headcount enables organizations to leverage real-time insights, analytics, and intuitive management workflows to plan their headcount strategically. Doublefin’s founders bring decades of experience directly from their tenures as People Ops, Finance, and operational executives helping companies like Google, Spotify, and Atlassian scale. 

About ZooKeep

ZooKeep was founded in November 2021 by a team of serial entrepreneurs with more than four decades of combined Talent Acquisition experience in Japan and Asia. Together with their diverse team of engineers, on-demand experts and project managers they have set out to simplify and modernize talent operations in the region – taking their clients’ hiring from meh to yeah. The core of ZooKeep’s offering is their Talent Acquisition Platform which enables users to manage their talent acquisition process from start to finish, including candidate management, interviewing and talent marketing. The platform also provides access to on-demand experts to fill capability gaps as well as a variety of global SaaS partners for headcount management, scheduling automation, and employer of record solutions.

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