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Do you have a specific outcome you want to achieve? Our consultants will help you get it done. Here are some examples of projects we can help you with.

Overall hiring strategy design

Put your talent acquisition goals, action items and resources into one strategic framework to ensure best outcomes.

Specific hiring initiative design

Ensure the success of complex hiring projects e.g. cross-border talent search through thorough project strategy design.

Hiring process design

Optimize your processes to shorten time-to-hire, improve candidate experience and attract the talent you need.

Hiring team effectiveness audits

Clearly understand your recruiters’ and hiring managers’ strengths and areas of improvement to make the most out of your hiring efforts.

Mirco RPO

We provide end-to-end hands-on execution support for key hiring projects, starting with even a single position at a time.

Role scoping

Avoid mis-hires and maximize hiring success by clarifying your role requirements against real-time market insights.

Digital TA infrastructure architecture and implementation

Utilize the right digital tools and channels to boost hiring productivity, efficiency and outcomes.

Your Project

Learn more about what projects and tasks our specialists can support you with.

On-demand Talent Acquisition support

Need help with various smaller tasks and issues? Fill capability gaps in your team quickly and efficiently by relying on our on-demand experts.

Depending on your specific requirements you can choose between different levels of engagement and seniority.

If you’re strained for resources, our on-demand Talent Acquisition specialists are more than happy to consult with you on how to bridge the gap.

Specialist Level Engagement

Our embedded Talent Acquisition Specialists partner with you on day-to-day TA operations and requisition management, helping you to optimize every step of the way.

Manager Level Engagement

Add one of our Talent Acquisition Managers to your team to get support with critical tasks such as hiring strategy design, stakeholder management, vendor optimization, contract review and more.

Director Level Engagement

Tap into the experience and expertise of our senior Talent Acquisition experts to assess, design and optimize your end-to-end Talent Acquisition function.

Our focus area

ZooKeep offers consulting and hands-on support across all areas of your hiring operations.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

We help you design both your Talent Acquisition competencies (e.g. tech stack, processes, organization) as well as your Talent Acquisition strategy (e.g. role scoping, cost optimization, global projects).

Talent Acquisition Execution

From building your Talent Acquisition team to bridging resource gaps with on-demand specialists, whatever task or goal you’re looking to achieve, we help to get it done.

Team Education

Develop your Talent Acquisition Team through expert training and coaching covering all key areas such as sourcing, stakeholder management, objection handling and more.

Modern TA technology for modern TA teams

Bring structure, transparency and global best practices to your hiring operations with ZooKeep’s intuitive Talent Acquisition Platform.

Why choose Zookeep's TA Consulting solutions

Diverse expertise to build your competitive advantage

ZooKeep makes global best practices and trends work for you. By leveraging our team’s strong multicultural and multidisciplinary setup we modernize your hiring within the context you’re operating.

Flexible solution design for your specific needs

Whether you’re a hyper-growth startup or a global player looking to optimize your hiring outcomes in the region, we design our solutions to perfectly match your requirements. No clutter, just results.

360 degree support for your hiring operations

ZooKeep covers all areas that are critical to the success of your talent acquisition initiatives. Combine our Talent Acquisition Platform with the advice and insights of our expert team to modernize, optimize and future-proof your hiring.

Take your hiring from meh to YEAH!

Looking to optimize your Talent Acquisition function to boost efficiency and hiring outcomes? We’d love to make it happen!