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Your HR function is the backbone of your business retaining your most precious asset: your people. But building an efficient and effective people organization requires expertise, experience and resources many smaller organizations do not have, quite yet.

ZooKeep helps you get there!

We build your HR foundation and execute your day-to-day operations so that you can respond to your employees’ needs while complying with local labor laws.

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HR systems & infrastructure

Rely on ZooKeep’s on-demand experts to establish your HR foundation

We know, as a growing business building out a solid HR function is not necessarily your first priority. But while hacking your way through sales or marketing can work fine for some time, trying to wing your HR operations bears serious legal and talent risks.

If figuring out the nice- and must-haves of an effective and efficient HR function don’t excite you, let us help. From designing your employee onboarding experience to developing compensation & benefits systems or other necessary policies, our on-demand HR experts put systems, processes and policies in place to ensure that not only your employees are happy, but legal authorities are as well.

Examples of tasks we can help you with
HR Policy Development & Implementation
C&B System Development
Employment Contract Development
Employee Onboarding
HRIS and Human Capital Management Software Implementation
Examples of tasks we can help you with
Localization Of C&B Policies
Local Vendor Optimization
Localization Of HR Policies
Employee Relations
Consulting Solutions

Flexible HR services to expand your global footprint

On-demand experts help you adapt your HR operations to any local market you’re looking to enter

Entering a new market comes with a lot of new rules, expectations and regulations. Japan in particular is known to have strict labor laws and a different work culture overall. Navigating this new environment while building other parts of the business can pose a huge challenge on many organizations, leaving some of them to give up on Japan altogether.

We lift that burden off your shoulders. Our on-demand HR experts help you build or optimize your people function ensuring that it fully complies with local labor laws and responds effectively to the needs and wants of local employees.


Why choose Zookeep's HR Consulting Solutions

Diversity as your key advantage

ZooKeep’s team members come from all walks of life having experience in digital, product, hiring, branding, marketing, UX, business and more.

HR transformation for the digital age

Our digital-first approach is at the core of all our services guaranteeing truly sustainable and impactful business transformation.

Expertise on-demand

Hiring HR experts who can not only maintain but also build and optimize your processes can be challenging. Benefit from years of experience as well as local and global expertise whenever and for as long as you need.

A fully integrated experience

To create an outstanding employee experience and the most value for your business, HR needs to integrate seamlessly with Talent Acquisition. As recruitment experts, ZooKeeps builds your HR function with hiring in mind.

Take your HR operations from meh to YEAH!

Looking to build a growth- and future-proof HR function? Consult with us on what you need. We’d love to make it happen.