ZooKeep x Slack

Zookee’s Slack integration makes hiring even more collaborative. Receive all important updates about the candidates and jobs you’re managing in ZooKeep, directly into your Slack workspace.
Setting up the integration

How to use Slack together with ZooKeep

Enabling ZooKeep’s Slack integration is easy.

  1. Log into ZooKeep
  2. Go to Account > Personal Settings
  3. Find the Integrations tab
  4. Turn Slack Integration on

That’s it! Now, you just need to wait to get notified in Slack about everything important happening over in ZooKeep.

Slack ATS integration ZooKeep

What ZooKeep & Slack can do for you

ZooKeep Slack integration ATS Hiring Automation

Better Communication

ZooKeep is built with collaboration and communication at its core. With ZooKeep’s Slack integration you’ll never miss any important updates. Whether it’s a new candidate applying to your organization or your team members updating a job posting. We keep you in the loop!

Easier Collaboration

Asking hiring managers to review new candidate profiles or informing them about next steps can take up a lot of your time. With ZooKeep’s Slack integration we automate your communication by notifying your team members where it’s most convenient for them, in Slack!

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