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"I can’t keep up with our business growth"

Scaling so quickly that your talent acquisition processes and capabilities can’t keep up is a great problem to have. But it’s still a problem.

Inconsistent processes and inefficient execution can lead to a variety of issues, including poor pipeline conversation, the inability to forecast headcount against your business objects as well as a poor candidate experience that can impact your reputation in the long run.

Rely on our on-demand experts to develop talent acquisition capabilities that can drive your growth.

Here’s what ZooKeep can do for you:

Vendor Management
Talent Acquisition Infrastructure Development
Hiring Process Design
Stakeholder Management across all levels of your organization

"I need to hire globally"

The overall lack of applicants as well as wide skill gaps make hiring in Asia and Japan challenging for many organizations. Expanding your target pool beyond the region can help you get access to the talent you require.

But requesting candidates from across the world can be a tall order for many internal recruiters. ZooKeep helps you fill that gap. From consulting with you on the right hiring strategy and messaging to hands-on execution of the actual search we find the best global talent for your needs.

Here’s what ZooKeep can do for you:

Global Hiring Strategy & Messaging Design
Project Management
Global Talent Sourcing
Sourcing Process Optimization
Global Talent Onboarding
VP-level Stakeholder Management

"My hiring is constantly not on track"

Is your talent acquisition function not performing at the level you need it to? There could be many reasons such as admin-heavy processes that drag down productivity and create choke points across your hiring process to capability gaps or inefficient infrastructure.

Ignoring these issues can negatively impact many parts of your business including go-to-market and other crucial business project delays as well as the quality of your customer service delivery.

Through an audit of your talent function ZooKeep helps you identify bottlenecks as well as areas for improvement, and makes recommendations for how to boost your talent acquisition outcomes.

Here’s what ZooKeep can do for you:

Talent Acquisition Function Audit
Talent Acquisition Organization & Process Design
Talent Acquisition Strategy Consulting

Take your hiring from meh to YEAH!

Looking to optimize your Talent Acquisition function to boost efficiency and hiring outcomes? We’d love to make it happen!